Trust me I'm a doctor Andrea seen by a robot
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Fig. 1. The individual under inve­sti­ga­tion; a) In his na­tu­ral ha­bi­tat, but with a very unusual attire. b)  Self-portrait with a robot equipped with two cameras (one looking through a mirror). c) As seen by a dynamic vision sensor.

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Fig. 2. Stress and procrastination levels in the last 7 days (updated Fri, 25 Jul 2014 11:00 PST). Stress is mea­su­red by the num­ber of flag­ged mes­sa­ges in the email in­box; pro­cra­sti­na­tion is mea­su­red by the me­dian age of tho­se mes­sa­ges (here's the code to make your own).

Andrea Censi

Research Scientist, Principal Investigator
Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Travel plans

Arlington, VA
NSF/NRI PI meeting
IROS 2014
Arlington, VA
ONR Science of Autonomy
CDS 20 years celebration
  • MIT students: There is funding available for MIT PhD/MS students who want to work with me. (Note: except extraordinary circumstances, we do not bring in visiting students due to bureaucratic complications and fees)
  • Cambridge/Boston colleagues: Come to the Summer Meetings on Joint Inference and Control during July-August.

What's new

2014-06-20 The robot fly was blind but now it sees

The paper on ocelli-based sensorimotor control on which I collaborated with the Harvard folks has now been published. Here’s the video we edited. This is some nice press coverage from The Scientist.

2014-06-12 ICRA slides

Back from Hong Kong: slides for my ICRA talks.

2014-05-13 Source code for DVS experiments

With a fashionable delay of a few months after IROS, I refreshed the code and made reasonable installation docs for our event-based quadrotor localization method. Thanks to Sean Aubin (U.Waterloo) for politely pushing me to do it.

2014-03-17 ICRA 2014

See you at ICRA’14 in Hong Kong! Besides presenting a paper at the main conference, and I will be a speaker in two workshops: the OMNIVIS workshop (Non-classical Cameras, Camera Networks and Omnidirectional Vision) and the newly formed Joint Inference and Control Workshop.

2013-11-24 NIPS

I’ll be at NIPS—I will give a talk in the Advances in Machine Learning for Sensorimotor Control workshop (Monday) and a poster in the Machine Learning in Computational Biology workshop (Tuesday).

2013-11-22 “Eigen” branch of CSM

A belated announcement about the C(anonical) Scan Matcher: the Github repository now contains a new branch called csm_eigen. This branch uses the Eigen library rather than GSL. This branch is the work of people working at U. Freiburg and Kuka. The main contributors are Christoph Sprunk and Rainer Kuemmerle.

2013-10-01 Bye bye sunny California

I moved from Caltech to MIT in October 2013. Bye bye sunny California!

Longer news (RSS RSS feed)

2013-09-27 PyContracts 1.6 adds ContractsMeta meta-class for inheriting contracts

PyContracts is a Python package that allows to declare constraints on function parameters and return values. It supports a basic type system, variables binding, arithmetic constraints, and has several specialized contracts (notably for Numpy arrays). I have recently released version … Continue reading

2013-02-09 Compmake keeps calm and carries on: a fault-tolerant “make” for parallelizable batch Python computations

A few years ago, at a SLAM summer school in Oxford, I attended a talk by Frank Dellaert about a scientist’s “secret weapons”. I believe he was channeling his advisor Herb Simon in saying that every scientist must have a … Continue reading

2013-02-06 The most useful Numpy function (if you work with tensors)

2012-11-28 Pysnip, a package for running large Python jobs from LaTeX

Pysnip is a small project that I wrote for running Python code from LaTeX. I found this workflow useful for autogenerating tables and reports on the fly, as in Chapter 13 of my dissertation. Pysnip is based on python.sty, which … Continue reading

2012-11-24 New preprint: From Angular Manifolds to the Integer Lattice: Guaranteed Orientation Estimation

This is some recent work on estimation on manifolds, in collaboration with Luca Carlone.

2012-10-01 The Turing test revisited

Here’s a revisitation of the Turing test for our modern times. I wanted to disable the voicemail on my phone, so I used T-Mobile’s tech support chat line. The ordeal took a good half an hour, with minutes passing between … Continue reading

2012-09-30 New preprint: Motion planning in observations space with learned diffeomorphism models.

Some recent work done on the integration of bootstrapped models with more traditional planning techniques.

2012-07-08 Sorry to keep you waiting

A long overdue update with some FAQ. 1) Have you finished? Yes, I defended back in June. 2) Where’s your dissertation? I’m still working on the final version, which, at 300 pages and counting, has started a life of its … Continue reading

2011-07-10 PyContracts

2011-02-07 Estimating stress and procrastination levels from inbox data

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