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Fig. 1. a) Aug 2014, at CDS@20. b)  Self-portrait by robot. c) As seen by a dynamic vision sensor.

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Fig. 2. Stress and procrastination levels in the last 7 days (updated Thu, 16 Apr 2015 11:00 PST). Stress is mea­su­red by the num­ber of flag­ged mes­sa­ges in the email in­box; pro­cra­sti­na­tion is mea­su­red by the me­dian age of tho­se mes­sa­ges (here's the code to make your own).

Andrea Censi

Research Scientist, Principal Investigator
Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Travel plans

Rome, Italy
RSS 2015
Chicago, IL
ACC 2015
CVPR 2015
Seattle, WA
ICRA 2015
Arlington, VA
NSF review panel
  • Colleagues roboticists: We are organizing a workshop on "The Big Questions in Robotics" at RSS 2015 (Jul 16-17). (Yes, really, the name is "The Big Questions in Robotics". After our friends in Freiburg organized the workshop "Why Robotics Sucks" we figured that everything goes.)
  • Colleagues roboticists: Please come to the Workshop on Sensorimotor Learning at ICRA 2015 (May 26th) that I'm co-organizing with Byron Boots.
  • Colleagues roboticists: Please come to the Workshop on Neurormorphic Sensing at ICRA 2015 (May 30th) that I'm co-organizing with Davide Scaramuzza.
  • Colleagues roboticists: Next year ICRA 2015 will have a “trailer” like other conferences such as SIGGRAPH. (coming soon)
  • MIT students: There is funding available for MIT PhD/MS students who want to work with me. (Note: except extraordinary circumstances, we do not bring in visiting students due to bureaucratic complications and fees)

What's new

2014-06-20 The robot fly was blind but now it sees

The paper on ocelli-based sensorimotor control on which I collaborated with the Harvard folks has now been published. Here’s the video we edited. This is some nice press coverage from The Scientist.

2014-06-12 ICRA slides

Back from Hong Kong: slides for my ICRA talks.

2014-05-13 Source code for DVS experiments

With a fashionable delay of a few months after IROS, I refreshed the code and made reasonable installation docs for our event-based quadrotor localization method. Thanks to Sean Aubin (U.Waterloo) for politely pushing me to do it.